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The COVID-19 outbreak has had a global impact, with many people ordered to shelter in place and non-essential businesses closed to prevent further spread of the virus. Many business owners are experiencing significant financial hardship as their source of income has come to a sudden halt – but if they have paid into business interruption insurance, it should help cover some of the lost income and expenses. However, many business owners are finding their claims rejected and they are unable to receive compensation for the sudden interruption in their operations.

If you or a loved one is a business owner dealing with a business interruption insurance claim, please contact Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers today. We can help fight any claims that are rejected in bad faith and get you the compensation you need in this difficult time.

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Why Are Business Interruption Claims Being Denied for COVID-19?

Many business owners are summarily being denied for their business interruption claims. This is for two primary reasons:

  • Many business interruption insurance provisions explicitly state “direct physical loss” as a primary factor for qualification for compensation. Although this is up for interpretation, many insurance providers interpret this to mean physical damage to your property due to specific conditions, such as flood and/or fire.
  • Many business interruption insurance provisions have specific clauses in their policies excluding coverage for any closures due to pandemics or viral infections. This was implemented back in the early 2000’s directly following the first SARS outbreak.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances surrounding this outbreak, insurance companies are still finding ways to reject claims that you and other business owners have rightfully paid into.

Can I Still Recover Compensation for Coronavirus-Related Interruptions?

Fortunately, you may still be able to recover compensation in a business interruption insurance claim due to COVID-19. The two often-cited reasons for denial may not be reason enough to deny businesses their rightful recovery – especially in these new times.

The pandemic exclusion in many business interruption claims typically refers to claims in which there is threat of infection on the premises – for example, if someone has contracted a disease at your place of business. This does not apply to the vast majority of businesses who are currently shuttered due to coronavirus.

Additionally, many business interruption claims rightfully cover instances where a federal, state, and/or local government body mandates closing of businesses – which has certainly occurred in the current circumstances.

Under these qualifications, there are many businesses out there who do indeed qualify for business interruption insurance claims.

Do I Qualify for Business Interruption Insurance for COVID-19?

You and your business may qualify for business interruption insurance if:

  • Your business has had to close immediately due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Your business has had reduce hours of operation or significantly change your business model to adopt to COVID-19 standards.
  • You have had to fire and/or furlough employees due to COVID-19.
  • You have been mandated to close due to federal, state, and/or local orders.

If you qualify, you may be eligible to recoup any losses due to lost revenue, lost income, any payroll to employees, and any continuing expenses such as mortgage, rent, and utilities.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Given these uncertain circumstances, it is crucial to retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible to assist with your business interruption insurance attorney. Even if there is a likely chance that your claim will be denied due to the aforementioned reasons, most legal professionals and insurance experts nonetheless recommend filing a claim anyway. All insurance providers are legally required to explicitly state the reason for denying your claim.

In the case of COVID-19-related claims, there is a good chance that this denial may be in bad faith, rejected for a reason that does not necessarily apply to the current circumstances. An attorney can help you appeal the decision, using his or her experience to effectively negotiate with insurance providers and fight for the rightful compensation to which you are entitled.

At Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, we have extensive experience negotiating possible claims of insurance bad faith with providers. Our lawyers have been comprehensively trained in dealing with business interruption insurance claims, and we can help fight for your business’ livelihood.

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