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Who Is Liable if I Am Injured or Damaged by a Defective Product?

Multiple parties may be liable if you are injured or damaged by a defective product. Essentially, any party involved in the defective product’s distribution chain can be responsible. Depending on the circumstances, those parties commonly include the following. Product Designer If there was a foreseeable risk posed by a product due to its design, even though it was manufactured correctly, the product’s designer might be liable. Manufacturer Manufacturers are often liable in defective product lawsuits. In some...
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Should I Sign A Medical Authorization Release Form After My Accident?

Dealing with an insurance company after a car accident can be complicated and overwhelming. One decision you will have to make is whether to sign a medical authorization release form that permits the insurer to review your medical records. While the insurance company should be provided medical records related to your accident injuries, they do not need access to your complete medical history. The Importance of Medical Records In most situations, only you, someone else you have...
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Who Is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Bad Road Conditions?

Sometimes car accidents are not caused by a negligent driver but rather bad road conditions. In these cases, a municipal authority may be liable if the road condition was preventable. Common Road Conditions That Lead to Car Accidents Some of the most common dangerous road conditions that lead to car accidents often fall into three categories: road design, construction, or maintenance. For example: Debris on the road. Large cracks in the road. Lack of guardrails or dividers....
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Who is Liable in a Blind Spot Car Accident?

Blind spots are responsible for many severe car accidents on the road. Mainly they occur because drivers fail to check their blind spots before backing up, merging, or changing lanes. When that is the case, the driver who caused the blind spot accident will be responsible for damages. However, multiple parties are often liable. If you or a loved one was involved in a blind spot car accident in Nevada, speak with an experienced car accident lawyer...
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Who Is Liable in a Test-Drive Accident?

When purchasing a new car, test-driving it is typically an important part of the process. Although they are rare, what if an accident occurs in the vehicle you are thinking of buying? Well, things can get complicated quickly. Who Pays for a Test-Drive Accident? As in any other car accident, the person responsible for causing the crash will be liable for damages. The Other Driver’s Car Insurance If another party crashes into the vehicle you are test-driving,...
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