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Las Vegas Strip Safety Tips

Las Vegas sees millions of visitors each year, especially along The Strip. While most come to have a good time, it is still critical to be extra vigilant when it comes to personal safety. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on The Strip. #1. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings When walking, especially, remain on the lookout for red lights as there are many driveways up and down The Strip. These can easily go unnoticed,...
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Duty of Care in a Nevada Personal Injury Case

To hold another party responsible for a personal injury in Nevada, you and your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that their negligence is what caused it. However, for another party to be considered negligent, they must have owed the plaintiff (victim) a duty of care. What is Duty of Care? A duty of care refers to an individual’s legal obligation to exercise “reasonable care” that another ordinary person would in the same...
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Brain Damage from Anesthesia

Anesthesia is a critical part of surgery and other procedures. However, there are risks, and a patient can suffer severe brain damage when an error is made. How Brain Damage Can Happen From Anesthesia Most of the risks associated with anesthesia are minor and temporary— for instance, nausea, vomiting, chills, confusion, or a sore throat. In rare cases, however, catastrophic anesthesia errors can happen when medical professionals fail to monitor patients closely. The brain needs constant blood...
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Will My Insurance Cover Aftermarket Parts?

After a car accident, using parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to repair your vehicle is ideal. However, it is not always possible, and sometimes aftermarket parts are necessary. While some insurance policies cover aftermarket parts, others contain specific verbiage that specifies only partial coverage or none. Check Your Insurance Policy Before approving repairs to your vehicle following a collision, double-check your auto insurance policy for how parts are handled. If you fail to follow your...
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Tire Blowout Accident Lawsuits

When a tire blowout causes a motor vehicle accident, it may have been due to defective manufacturing, design, or installation. If that is the case, another party may be liable. Potentially Liable Parties in a Tire Blowout Accident Lawsuit Who can be held liable for a tire blowout accident will depend on why the tire failed. For example: Tire Manufacturer Liability If the tire blew due to a defect in its manufacturing, you may have a lawsuit...
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