Worker’s Compensation

Nevada Labor Laws

Everyone is entitled to a safe and protected work environment. Under Nevada labor laws, employers have a moral obligation and duty to ensure that a workplace's health and safety meet the legal requirements. If your employer fails to take the necessary steps to do so and you get injured, you may have a workers’ compensation claim. Nevada Labor Laws on Workplace Safety Nevada has adopted the federal safety and health standards, commonly known as Occupational Safety and...
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Workers’ Comp Retaliation

After sustaining an injury on the job, many workers may worry about backlash or retaliation from their employer for filing a workers’ compensation claim. While an employee is recovering from an on-the job injury, whether at home or in a light-duty position, some employers can become irritated with having to accommodate work restrictions and pay benefits. If you believe you have been a victim of workers’ compensation retaliation, you have legal options and should speak to a...
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Can You Work While on Workers’ Compensation?

Employees who qualify for workers’ compensation benefits might consider continuing to work part-time or finding a less-demanding job elsewhere as they recover. The laws regarding whether or not you can work while on workers’ compensation will vary by state. In Nevada, an injured worker may be able to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits as long as their wages are not equal to or greater than the wages they were making prior to the injury. However, your total...
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How Does Company Car Insurance Work?

Having access to a company vehicle can be a privilege, but it is important to understand how company car insurance works in the event of a crash. In most cases, employees are protected from having to personally pay for damages. However, the accident may not be covered if an employee acted recklessly, or was not using it for a business-related purpose.  Company Car Insurance Claims Almost every state, including Nevada, requires that businesses carry commercial auto insurance....
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Why Did My Workers’ Compensation Claim Get Denied?

Finding out your workers’ compensation claim is denied can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you were initially approved for benefits. Most denials come down to one of two factors — either the insurance company does not believe your injury was related to your employment, or it refuses to pay for certain benefits such as medical procedures you need or extended time off. Here are more of the most common reasons why workers’ compensation claims are denied. Your...
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