Truck Accident

Nevada Trailer Laws

Towing a trailer in Nevada comes with the legal responsibility to ensure the equipment is safe. If a driver fails to do so, leading to an accident, their negligence could make them liable for any resulting damages. This makes it critical to understand Nevada’s laws governing safety and installation requirements for trailers.  Registration and Title Requirements The State of Nevada requires all utility and travel trailers to be properly registered and titled before being operated on public...
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Nevada Trucking Regulations

Truck drivers in Nevada are bound by numerous state and federal laws that dictate the ways in which they are to operate their large and potentially dangerous vehicles. These regulations seek to ensure safety for all motorists by controlling the conduct of both truckers and truck companies. Nevada Trucking Laws For truck drivers that operate intrastate or within the state’s boundaries, the Nevada Department of Transportation’s laws apply. The state’s key regulations are:  Trucks cannot exceed 14...
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What is an Underride Truck Accident?

Large trucks sit higher off the ground than other vehicles, which can create a problem since other cars on the road can easily get crushed underneath. This is called an underride truck accident. Underride truck accidents may not occur on a daily basis, but our Las Vegas truck accident lawyers know they are catastrophic enough to cause high fatality and injury rates when they do. Types of Underride Truck Accidents An underride accident is arguably one of...
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Truck Carrying 8 Million Dimes Crashes in Nevada

Tuesday May 8 was not a good day for the transportation of coinage in the state of Nevada. A semi-trailer truck carrying as much as $800,000 worth of dimes met an untidy end on Interstate 15 just fifty miles from Las Vegas. The vehicle was contracted to move the tender by the US Treasury Department, but ran into a delay around 3:30 in the morning when it collided with a guardrail. The silver Volvo tractor-trailer overturned near...
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