Nevada Lemon Laws

To keep car dealers from selling defective vehicles and protect consumers, Nevada established lemon laws. What are Lemon Laws? Nevada lemon laws (NRS 597.600-597.688) offer a remedy for purchasers of new vehicles to hold car manufacturers responsible if they are sold a vehicle that fails to meet performance and quality standards and needs constant repairs. After a certain number of repair attempts, consumers have the right to either a refund or a replacement vehicle. When is a...
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Las Vegas Airbnb Laws

The unique hospitality services offered by Airbnb are very popular for both guests seeking temporary housing in Las Vegas and property owners wanting to make additional income. While most guests have a good experience, it can sometimes go wrong. If you suffer an injury, become ill, or your property is damaged while staying in someone else’s home, it is important to know the laws concerning the company’s and property owner’s liability. Premises Liability Most claims for injury...
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Nevada Stand Your Ground Law

If someone threatens you with bodily harm, do you have an obligation to retreat, or can you use deadly force in self-defense? In Nevada, you are legally able to fight back with reasonable force. However, there are stipulations. When Does Nevada’s Stand Your Ground Law Apply? Licensed gun owners in Nevada can legally stand their ground if they are in reasonable fear for their life, even if they can retreat. However, the stand your ground law is...
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