Duty of Care in a Nevada Personal Injury Case

To hold another party responsible for a personal injury in Nevada, you and your Las Vegas personal injury lawyer must be able to prove that their negligence is what caused it. However, for another party to be considered negligent, they must have owed the plaintiff (victim) a duty of care. What is Duty of Care? A duty of care refers to an individual’s legal obligation to exercise “reasonable care” that another ordinary person would in the same...
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Nevada Attractive Nuisance Law

Attractive nuisance is a legal term that refers to a dangerous condition on a property that may attract young children. For example, swimming pools appeal to children, which may cause them to trespass onto property without understanding the danger. Therefore, Nevada imposes an attractive nuisance law, which holds landowners to a higher duty of care to protect children who can potentially wander onto their property. When Property Owners are Liable for Child Injuries Under Nevada’s attractive nuisance...
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What is the Burden of Proof?

To succeed in a personal injury case in Nevada, the plaintiff (victim) has the burden of proof. This means they must provide evidence of their allegations that another party is responsible for their injury and can only recover compensation if they do so. The Definition of Burden of Proof in Personal Injury Cases In personal injury cases, the plaintiff is obligated to prove their claim by a preponderance of evidence. In other words, it is “more likely...
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What Is a Tort Lawsuit?

A tort lawsuit is a type of claim that plaintiffs (injury victims) pursue to recover compensation after suffering a preventable injury caused by another party. A tort is defined as a wrongful act or infringement of a right, leading to civil liability. In other words, if a defendant (alleged at-fault party) is found to have acted intentionally or negligently, resulting in harm to another, they can be held liable for a victim’s injury and losses. Tort lawsuits...
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Who Is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Bad Road Conditions?

Sometimes car accidents are not caused by a negligent driver but rather bad road conditions. In these cases, a municipal authority may be liable if the road condition was preventable. Common Road Conditions That Lead to Car Accidents Some of the most common dangerous road conditions that lead to car accidents often fall into three categories: road design, construction, or maintenance. For example: Debris on the road. Large cracks in the road. Lack of guardrails or dividers....
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