Las Vegas

How to File a Claim Against a Hotel or Casino

There are numerous types of accidents that can cause serious injuries, or even wrongful death, on hotel and casino properties in Las Vegas. If the property owner or manager’s negligence is responsible for your harm or a loved one’s fatal injuries, you may have the legal right to recover compensation. Here is how to file your claim. Step 1: Report the Accident Immediately after you are injured, report the accident to the hotel or casino manager or...
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Las Vegas Open Container Law

When it comes to alcohol, there are no laws against public consumption in Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip, as long as the alcohol is not in a glass container. Overview of Las Vegas Open Container Law Under Nevada law, you can drink alcohol on the street in Las Vegas, but some restrictions apply to the type of containers allowed and the proximity to certain buildings. The intentions of the limitation on an alcohol container being...
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Nevada Stand Your Ground Law

If someone threatens you with bodily harm, do you have an obligation to retreat, or can you use deadly force in self-defense? In Nevada, you are legally able to fight back with reasonable force. However, there are stipulations. When Does Nevada’s Stand Your Ground Law Apply? Licensed gun owners in Nevada can legally stand their ground if they are in reasonable fear for their life, even if they can retreat. However, the stand your ground law is...
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Roller Coaster Accidents and Injuries in Las Vegas

While roller coasters are subject to numerous safety regulations and risk management protocols, accidents and injuries at Las Vegas amusement parks still happen. If you are injured or a loved one is killed at an amusement park, you have the right to pursue compensation with the help of a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Common Causes of Roller Coaster Accidents Some of the most common causes of roller coaster accidents that are fatal or result in injury...
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Las Vegas Towing Laws

After a major car accident, there is a good chance your vehicle will be towed. If you cannot specify a mechanic, your car will be taken to a storage yard until you can pick it up, which can result in a hefty bill. Fortunately, a Nevada law that took effect in 2015 significantly lowered impound and storage fees for accident victims. The Cost of Towing Tow truck drivers are required to deliver vehicles to low-cost storage yards...
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