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Nevada Helmet Law

Safety is essential when riding a motorcycle, and a helmet is by far the most important piece of safety gear. They have the ability to reduce the overall risk of dying in an accident by 37 percent. That is why many states, including Nevada, have helmet laws in place that require motorcyclists and passengers to wear one.  Current Helmet Laws in Nevada All motorcycle drivers and passengers are required to wear helmets on public roadways, in accordance...
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Nevada Car Inspection Laws

Required motor vehicle inspections and emissions testing are an integral part of maintaining the safety and longevity of a vehicle. Car owners in Nevada must meet the following state inspection laws in order to apply for registration and legally drive their vehicle. Inspections Before Registration It is illegal to drive a vehicle in Nevada that is not registered. However, before heading to the DMV, there are inspections that must take place to be in compliance with the...
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U.S. Highway 95 Full Closure at I-15 in Downtown Las Vegas

Interruptions to traffic on US Highway 95 are scheduled for May 18 through the 21st. The north and southbound lanes will be closed at Interstate 15 from 10 PM on May 18 until 5 AM on May 21st, affecting the downtown area of Las Vegas. Martin Luther King Boulevard will also be closed to traffic where it intersects with Highway 95 during this time. On the other hand, Interstate 15 and the “Spaghetti Bowl” interchange ramps will...
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SpeedVegas Crash – Is SpeedVegas Safe?

Adrenaline junkies across the globe are constantly seeking that next big thrill – savvy entrepreneurs are just as quick to capitalize on this quest and a recent example is SpeedVegas, a race track made to let the everyday American experience the thrills of NASCAR. A recent crash at the facility prompted a shutdown, and experts across the country are worried about the safety of the operation. What is SpeedVegas? SpeedVegas is an outdoor racing track that gives...
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Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers of Las Vegas are proud sponsors of the Mountain Ridge Little League.

"We are part of the Las Vegas community and giving back is such an important thing," says Brian Harris. The Mountain Ridge Little League is most known for its recent All Star trip to the Little League World Series in 2014. At the opening day, Heather Harris represented the law firm where she, and other supporters including Commissioner Larry Brown and Councilman Steven Ross, were honored for their commitment to youth activities in Southern Nevada. "Today was...
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