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Each of us uses thousands of products in the course of a day, many with the potential to cause harm. The tires on your car, your desk chair, the tools you use in your work, the food you eat, the stroller your child rides in — each of these products should be tested to ensure its safety. When these products are not safe and cause injuries, you have options for legal recourse. Speak with a Las Vegas product liability attorney at Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers to learn more.

Types of Defective Products

Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs

Drugs for which drug recalls have been issued such as recent Tylenol and Motrin recalls and Abacavir and Acarbose tablet recalls.

Children’s toys and equipment including toys and furniture that contain toxins, cribs and bassinets with choking hazards, and strollers that collapse.

Defective Automotive Parts

Manufacturers selling faulty car parts causing or contributing to accidents can be held liable (tire defects and tread separation, brake fires, steering failure, spontaneous acceleration). Some defective car parts don’t cause car accidents, but they contribute to injuries, such as defective airbags, seat belts, and seatback failures.

Defective Medical Devices

Medical products including pacemakers, defibrillators, surgical stents and the identified problem with DePuy hip replacements.

Food Poisoning

Contaminated foods such as lettuce contaminated with listeria, sprouts contaminated with salmonella or canned foods containing an unlisted ingredient can cause allergic reactions such as peanuts.


E-cigarettes have been reported to explode without warning and when not in use, resulting in very serious e-cigarette injuries.

And More

Defective Consumer Products such as gas appliances that cause explosions and burn injuries, defective Recreational Equipment including bike helmets and boating equipment, and much more.

Defective Product Attorneys in Las Vegas

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