Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic Injuries can change a family’s life forever. Nothing can change that unfortunate fact. The best that can be done is to help the injured person get the medical care and services he or she needs to regain as much independence as possible. This process will take time, support and usually a great deal of money.

Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

As a Las Vegas catastrophic injury lawyers, it is our job at Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers to ensure that our clients’ medical problems are fully identified and that a course of treatment and the costs associated with that treatment are well understood. It is our job to present the insurance company and/or the jury with a compelling case regarding the value of our clients’ claims when:

  • A casino dealer loses the use of his or her hands after a serious fall.
  • A senior citizen suffers a burn injury from lack of supervision in a nursing home.
  • A young person faces quadriplegia after a motorcycle accident.
  • A worker must live with permanent lung damage from chemical exposure on the job.
  • A mother must live with chronic pain from a back injury in a car accident.

Calculating a claim for Catastrophic Injury or Wrongful Death

An injury is considered catastrophic if the injured person requires extended medical treatment or suffers a permanent disability. Brain injury and spinal cord injuries are typically the most serious cases. It is especially important that the final settlement agreement cover costs over a lifetime. We call on life care planners and economists to accurately project cost of care throughout our client’s life.

With this information, our personal injury lawyers pursue compensation for loss of earning power, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of services. If, for example, our client’s back injury means he is no longer able to mow the lawn or play ball with his children, those services and activities will be included in the claim.

Wrongful Death Claims

No case is more heart-wrenching than one involving wrongful death. Handling the legal aspects of a wrongful death claim can be burdensome to a family in mourning. Our firm will handle all of the paperwork required to get your claim settled so your family has the resources you need.

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