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Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of accidental injuries and deaths. Negligent driving is usually the cause, but defective auto parts can also be a factor in causing accidents and in worsened injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need a highly experienced Las Vegas defective auto part lawyer to take care of you.

How Our Las Vegas Defective Auto Parts Attorney Can Help

The Las Vegas product liability lawyers at Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers have a track record of success in product liability and defective auto parts cases. Although we are a small firm, we have the resources to bring suit against major manufacturers when their products cause injury or death. We will not shy away from a fight.

When reviewing the facts behind a suspicious car accident, we will look for evidence of defective auto parts failure, manufacturing defects or engineering problems. If we can demonstrate that a defect caused the injury, we work with medical experts, economists and life care planners to document the extent of our clients’ injuries and losses.

In every auto defect case, our objective is the same: to ensure that our client receives fair compensation for their serious injuries or for the wrongful death of a family member.

If you were hurt in a car accident that you believe was caused by a defective auto part, contact us. Our team of Las Vegas wrongful death attorneys and accident lawyers are passionate advocated for victims of defective products.

Defective Auto Part Product Liability Cases

These automotive parts failures became front-page news when multiple accidents with injuries and deaths lead to recalls:

  • Tire tread separation
  • The Toyota stuck accelerator
  • The Hyundai malfunctioning seat belt
  • Defective airbags causing face and eye injuries and deaths of children
  • Defective child car seats that expose rather than protect infants from injury

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