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Nearly every American has experience with pharmaceuticals, such as over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, herbal supplements, vitamins, etc. Many individuals rely on medications daily to treat medical conditions and to keep their health on track. But are they aware of dangerous pharmaceutical drug use? If you or a loved one was affected by a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, speak with a Las Vegas pharmaceutical drug attorney from Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers today.

What are Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs?

There are some individuals who are wary of medications and worry about their long-term effects, and for good reason. Pharmaceutical companies are for-profit entities that may rush something onto the market before understanding the full scope of effects in the short and long term. If you’ve ever seen a commercial for a medication, you surely have heard the long list of potential side effects often ranging from something as innocent as a headache to a very severe and concerning symptoms such as stroke or internal bleeding. When an unsafe drug goes to market and results in harm, the manufacturer should be held liable. Individuals who are adversely affected by a drug can file a personal injury lawsuit with a Las Vegas defective product lawyer.

Drug Regulation

Before a drug is released to consumers, there is a lot of testing that goes into its development. There are what are called “clinical trials” in which volunteers take the drug and are closely monitored by researchers to check if there are any adverse effects. If any side effects are found, they are required to list a description of them and their frequency on the label of the medication. This allows consumers and their doctors to be fully informed of what can happen when someone takes the drug. This is especially important for individuals who have another condition that may be affected by this drug. For example, a medication that increases the risk of heart attack is not a good choice for someone who already has heart disease.

When a drug manufacturer fails to disclose all potential side effects or doesn’t do adequate testing to determine the side effects, this negligence may result in serious harm coming to a consumer. If you have experienced side effects from any drugs prescribed to you, speak to a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to learn what your legal options are. Drugmakers have also been known to promote a drug for a use other than its initial intention that has been approved by the FDA. This is called “off label” promotion and can be very dangerous when the drug isn’t tested for the purpose it is being promoted for. Pharmaceutical companies that violate these rules have paid billions of dollars to the U.S. government.

Not only does the FDA regulate drugs on the market, but they are, technically, products. This means they are covered by product liability laws just like hoverboards and cooking utensils. A drug is considered bad when something has gone wrong in its design, manufacturing, or distribution. When a drug causes injury to a consumer, he or she has the right to pursue compensation from the responsible party under personal injury and product liability laws. Contact our firm to learn how you can get potentially get compensation.

Strict Product Liability

The state of Nevada has a rule that manufacturers of products, including drugs, can be held financially responsible for injuries and deaths that occur because of the use of their product. It doesn’t matter if they actually knew or should have known that it was unsafe. They are responsible for what they put on the market and the American people should feel safe purchasing medications. In order to have a strong product liability case, the consumer must show that there was something excessively dangerous about the drug when it left the manufacturer’s control.

Getting Help After an Injury from a Dangerous Drug

Drug companies are extremely profitable and therefore have plenty of funds to hire the best lawyers who will aggressively try to silence any product liability claims, as it may interfere with their profits. Drug companies routinely deny that anything is wrong with their products. When it’s impossible for them to deny that their product harmed a consumer, they will settle but even then they will try to compensate the injured party for the absolute bare minimum. A Las Vegas dangerous pharmaceutical drug attorney with experience in this section of the law can be extremely helpful for victims of bad drugs.

Lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies are extremely complicated and require a lot of research, document submission, and evidence gathering. It can be a very stressful and confusing time trying to navigate a legal battle against such a large company. Seeking legal advice and assistance from a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Las Vegas dangerous drug lawyer is a great step in getting the compensation you deserve.

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