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Las Vegas and Henderson are among the fastest growing cities in the country. With increased construction, worksite accidents have become much more common.  Hiring a workplace accident attorney to work on your behalf will give you the best chance at compensation for your injury.

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places for workers. Workers are often put in precarious situations in which they are working high above the ground or in some cases underground, with heavy equipment above them.  Construction sites are also dangerous due to the use of heavy equipment, power tools and large construction vehicles. Working construction is also physically demanding, leaving workers more vulnerable to injury as they get tired.  Serious work site accidents are not unusual; the injuries that result from construction accidents are often severe.

Construction Accident Injury Claims

Due to the extreme danger posed by construction sites in Las Vegas, workers  involved in accidents can suffer catastrophic – and even fatal – injuries. In the event that a construction worker falls from scaffolding and suffers a brain injury, full compensation is necessary to provide lifelong care for the injury.  Simply put, if you a worker is injured in the workplace, their compensation should cover all their damages.

Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation can cover lost wages and medical expenses, but it’s rarely sufficient for serious injuries such as amputation, spine, back,  neck or brain injuries.

Workplace Accident Injury Attorney

In the event of a fatal accident, the relatives of the deceased deserve compensation for their loss in addition to the medical expenses and lost wages.  Our lawyers will fight for the compensation of construction workers and their families. When you contact our attorneys to discuss a construction or work site injury, they will investigate all possible sources of compensation such as equipment manufacturers, building designers or suppliers and they will fight for you.

Who Is Responsible For Your Construction Site Injuries?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the construction accident, the victim or surviving relatives may have reason to file a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of  defective equipment. Claims can potentially be filed against a general contractor who erected a dangerous scaffold or against a subcontractor whose negligent violations of state or OSHA regulations caused injury.

Construction Accident Attorney

When handling a construction accident injury or wrongful death claim, our lawyers, assisted by scientific and safety experts, perform a thorough investigation in order to build a strong case. Our Settlements and Verdicts page documents successful verdicts and significant settlements our attorneys have recovered on behalf of clients. We’re focused on helping our clients recover the resources necessary to rebuild their lives following a debilitating job site injury.

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Workplace Accident Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in a workplace accident our experienced accident injury lawyers in Las Vegas can help you navigate through the legal process and get what you deserve. At Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers we will fight vigorously to get the settlement you deserve.

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