Auto Accidents

What is a Car Accident Release Form?

Insurance companies require a signed car accident release form before paying on a settlement. This form means you are letting go of your right to pursue further legal action against the liable party. Should I Sign a Car Accident Release Form? Whether you should sign a release after a car accident can depend on the specifics of your case. However, it could be a mistake to do so before at least consulting with an experienced Las Vegas...
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What is Considered Property Damage in a Car Accident?

After a car accident, any items or personal belongings, including your vehicle, that needs repair or replacement is considered property damage. As long as you can establish the value of your damaged items, you are entitled to reimbursement. Property Damage Claims Every driver in Nevada is required by law to carry liability auto insurance coverage that includes a minimum of $20,000 for property damage they cause in an accident. Property damage liability will cover damage to your...
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Nevada Diminished Value Claims

If you were involved in a minor car accident in Nevada, your insurance policy might reimburse you for the damage, but the value of your vehicle can still diminish. Even when a car is restored to its original condition, an accident can still put a dent in its resale value. Fortunately, insurance companies in Nevada permit diminished value claims.  What is a Diminished Value Claim? Diminished value is defined as the loss of a vehicle’s value after...
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Nevada Seat Belt Law

Failing to wear a seat belt can get you a ticket if you are pulled over in Nevada. No matter where you are sitting, every passenger inside a vehicle must have a seat belt on at all times. What you may not know is if you get into an accident without your seat belt on, it can negatively impact your injury claim even if someone else is responsible for your collision. Seat Belt Laws in Nevada Under...
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How to Report a Drunk Driver in Las Vegas

If you believe a driver on the road is drunk, it’s best to report it to prevent a possible accident. The fastest and easiest way to report a drunk driver in Las Vegas is by calling 911 or *NHP (star 647) with your cell phone. You are allowed to use your cell phone while driving if you are informing the police about a drunk driver. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent people are killed each year in preventable drunk...
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