Auto Accidents

Nevada Lemon Laws

To keep car dealers from selling defective vehicles and protect consumers, Nevada established lemon laws. What are Lemon Laws? Nevada lemon laws (NRS 597.600-597.688) offer a remedy for purchasers of new vehicles to hold car manufacturers responsible if they are sold a vehicle that fails to meet performance and quality standards and needs constant repairs. After a certain number of repair attempts, consumers have the right to either a refund or a replacement vehicle. When is a...
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Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Travel to and From Work?

If an employee has an accident on the way to or from work, they will usually not have access to benefits under workers’ compensation. Commuting to and from work is generally not considered in the course and scope of employment in most states. However, there are many exceptions to this rule. Nevada’s “Coming and Going” Rule Whether you will be covered under workers’ compensation after an injury is highly dependent on the facts of the case. Under...
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Headaches After a Car Accident

Headaches and migraines are fairly common following an auto accident, but you should seek medical attention as soon as you start experiencing symptoms. Never chalk it up to stress or something else since you could be suffering from a far more severe injury. Causes of Headaches After a Car Accident Debilitating headaches after an accident are generally referred to as “post-traumatic headaches.” Some common causes of post-traumatic headaches after an accident includes: Traumatic Brain Injuries Traumatic brain...
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Car Accident on Private Property

You may know what to do if you are involved in a car accident on a public road, but what if it happens on private property? Depending on the circumstances of your accident, it may make a difference as to who is liable for the resulting damages. How Do I Report a Car Accident on Private Property? Although the accident occurred on private property, such as a parking lot or at an apartment complex, you should still...
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Determining Fault In A Changing Lanes Car Accident

Changing lanes car accidents are highly common in Nevada. Generally, motorists that change lanes and hit another vehicle are considered to be at fault in these crashes. However, figuring out and proving which driver is at fault is not always easy. Assigning Fault Drivers owe a duty of care to others on the road to operate their vehicles safely at all times. This is particularly true when changing lanes. When a driver needs to make a lane...
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