Las Vegas Strip Safety Tips

Las Vegas sees millions of visitors each year, especially along The Strip. While most come to have a good time, it is still critical to be extra vigilant when it comes to personal safety. Here are some tips on how to stay safe on The Strip.

Las Vegas Strip Safety Tips

#1. Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

When walking, especially, remain on the lookout for red lights as there are many driveways up and down The Strip. These can easily go unnoticed, and pedestrians end up being hit by vehicles. One of the most common dangers on The Strip is drunk, distracted, or aggressive drivers.

#2. Don’t Drink and Drive

If you are drinking while visiting The Strip, never get in your car and drive or ride a bicycle while intoxicated. It is against the law to drive or ride a bike in Nevada while drunk and these violations carry serious penalties. Additionally, doing so can lead to an accident resulting in severe injuries or fatalities. Instead, use a rideshare company to get around.

#3. Don’t Flash Your Cash

Boasting about or showing off a large amount of money can get you noticed by potential criminals. Try to only carry around the amount you need, and use debit or credit cards as much as possible.

#4. Try to Avoid Walking Alone

Although The Strip is very busy, there are plenty of spots where you could find yourself alone, such as parking lots and side alleys. Try to remain with a friend or in the crowd. This will make it more challenging for someone to take advantage of you, plus the metro police are continuously on patrol.

#5. Use Crosswalks

Jaywalking is illegal in Nevada, and an officer may ticket you, which comes with a $350 fine. It is also extremely dangerous since vehicles move through The Strip quickly, and some drivers may be intoxicated or distracted and not notice you in time to stop.

#6. Have an Emergency Contact

Share your location with a friend so that they can find where you are at all times in case you get injured or are potentially in trouble.

#7. Avoid Street Vendors

Refrain from purchasing food that people sell on the street out of coolers. These individuals typically do not have food licenses. As a result, there is an increased risk of getting food poisoning.

#8. Plan for the Heat

In the summer months, Las Vegas temperatures easily exceed 100 °F. When walking The Strip, plan to take breaks inside casinos, restaurants, or hotels and always carry water. Alternatively, get around using taxi cabs or rideshare services instead.

#9. Watch Your Drink

Keep your eyes on your drink at all times, and cover it with a coaster when you are not drinking it. This will make it harder for someone to slip you something harmful.

#10. Pack a Portable Phone Charger

Keep a portable charger with you, or bring your charging cable to use at a hotel or casino you stop at. Many have outlets built into the bars themselves. That way, your phone will always have enough power in case you need to call a friend, an Uber, or for help from a Las Vegas personal injury attorney.

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