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Nevada ATV Laws

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are popular with adults, teens, and children in Nevada. Riding these vehicles is fun, but ATVs can be dangerous, so it is important to exercise caution. In 2018, over 80,000 people sought treatment for ATV accident injuries, and more than 250 were killed. To increase safety, the state of Nevada has several laws in place that apply to ATV use. ATV Accident Statistics The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s latest report of ATV-related deaths...
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How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer

If you are in the process of negotiating a personal injury settlement, there will likely come a time when the adjuster makes you a settlement offer. Oftentimes, this offer will be surprisingly low and less than you deserve. You have the right to decline it and seek a better offer, or even file a lawsuit. Here is some advice on how to craft your response. Take Your Time and Analyze the Offer Getting emotional and rejecting or...
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Workers’ Comp Retaliation

After sustaining an injury on the job, many workers may worry about backlash or retaliation from their employer for filing a workers’ compensation claim. While an employee is recovering from an on-the job injury, whether at home or in a light-duty position, some employers can become irritated with having to accommodate work restrictions and pay benefits. If you believe you have been a victim of workers’ compensation retaliation, you have legal options and should speak to a...
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Can You Work While on Workers’ Compensation?

Employees who qualify for workers’ compensation benefits might consider continuing to work part-time or finding a less-demanding job elsewhere as they recover. The laws regarding whether or not you can work while on workers’ compensation will vary by state. In Nevada, an injured worker may be able to continue receiving workers’ compensation benefits as long as their wages are not equal to or greater than the wages they were making prior to the injury. However, your total...
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What to Exchange After an Accident

The actions you take at the scene of an accident and in the days following can have a big effect on whether you are compensated and how much. Gathering the right information is crucial. Here is what to exchange after an accident.   Name and Contact Information for All Parties The full names and contact information for every individual involved in the accident should be exchanged. That includes drivers, vehicle owners, passengers, and potential witnesses. Make sure to...
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