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Large trucks are involved in over 3,700 fatal accidents, 88,000 injury accidents and 346,000 property damage accidents in an average year! These numbers are expected to rise as we continue the miles traveled by large trucks is expected to increase. As one of Las Vegas’s leading truck accident attorney firms, we believe that cases involving large trucks will continue to rise.

What is Considered a Large Truck?

Truck classifications, ranging from class 1 through class 8, are used to identify the size and registration requirements of commercial vehicles traveling on our roadways. Typically, any accident involving a class 3 vehicle or higher, is considered an a large truck accident. Some examples of large vehicles include:

  • Walk-in Vans
  • Sprinter Vans
  • Box Trucks
  • City Delivery Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks
  • Bucket Trucks
  • Recycling / Garbage Trucks
  • Logging Trucks
  • Cement Trucks
  • City Transit Buses and School Buses
  • 18 Wheelers, 5 Axle Tractor Trailers, and Sleeper Cabs

Truck Accidents involving vehicles of this size are much more dangerous given their size and weight. Property damage statistics and medical records show that accidents involving large trucks are more costly than those only involving passenger cars. It is imperative that individuals involved in a large truck accident reach out to Harris and Harris Injury Lawyers, we will fight to ensure that you are appropriately compensated for any injuries and property damage.

Who is at Fault in a Large Truck Accident?

Every accident involves its own unique set of circumstances that will determine who is at fault. A truck accident will often involve third parties that weren’t present at the time of the accident. Many truck drivers are hired to drive a company truck but are not responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle. In the event of an accident, liability falls on the trucking company. Determining the key cause of negligence in these cases is complicated and requires a thorough understanding of trucking laws.  You will always be put first by the truck accident attorneys here at Harris And Harris Injury Lawyers.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck drivers are under pressure to perform and meet delivery deadlines. The trucking companies are under similar pressures to spend the least on vehicle maintenance. This further complicates the already dangerous and difficult job of driving a large truck safely. Common causes of large truck accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue
    Not all truck drivers follow the FMCSA’s drive time rules
  • Tailgating
    Longer stopping distance than passenger cars
  • Wide turns
    Difficult navigating narrow streets and intersections
  • Rollovers
    Trucks are prone to tipping over in adverse weather and driving conditions
  • Brake problems
    Brake failures and other general maintenance negligence
  • Jack-knifing
    Trailer uncontrollably swings forward perpendicular to the cab

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured In a Truck Accident?

The injuries discussed above can prove very serious and will cost a fortune in medical bills. If a negligent operator was responsible, you have the right to secure compensation for your injuries.

Truck Accident Attorney in Las Vegas

If a company is acting negligently, resulting in injury, that company should and will be deemed liable for the person’s injuries. The best way to take advantage of the law and gain compensation for your damages is to call a qualified Las Vegas truck accident attorney!

Harris & Harris Truck Accident Attorneys

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