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Nevada hosts four freight carriers and seven-passenger carriers. Trains are an important part of the transportation system in Nevada. They are a great form of transportation, giving passengers a chance to relax while someone else takes control of navigation. Unfortunately, trains occasionally collide with cars and pedestrians. Trains can malfunction or derail from the tracks, resulting in extreme injury and loss of life.

Train Accident Claims in Nevada

While train accidents are much rarer than car and truck accidents, the aftermath can be devastating, with severe injuries and many fatalities.  If you or a loved one have been in an accident involving a train, call a train accident lawyer in Las Vegas to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Train Accidents in Nevada

Sometimes train accidents are not caused by the train. In June of 2011, a semi-truck was driving on a rural part of US Route 95 and rammed into a western bound Amtrak passenger train near Reno, Nevada. This collision resulted in the death of six people, according to Nevada Highway Patrol and the Churchill County Sheriff’s Office. One of the train conductor, as well as the driver of the semi, were killed in the accident. While the motive of the semi-truck was not initially clear, an investigation determined the truck attempted to stop before the train tracks but failed.

Causes of Train Accidents

Because every case is different, it’s important to seek the legal advice of an accident attorney in Las Vegas. Hiring the right train accident attorney is important because they understand the inner workings of the train accidents, and will provide the best legal course of action. Some possible causes of train accidents are:

  • Train Derailment – typically caused by exceeding recommended speeds
  • Collisions with other vehicles
  • Runaway freight cars
  • Poor maintenance of railroad stations
  • Improperly parked train cars
  • Negligent railway maintenance
  • Sudden or uncontrolled train movements
  • Safety hazard failures
  • Poor design of railroad crossings
  • Poor maintenance of railroad crossings
  • Failure to warn low-riding cars and trucks
  • Negligent conductors

If you or a family member have been injured in a train accident, it is important to contact an experienced train accident attorney. Whether you are looking for compensation for damaged property or medical bills, Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers will give you the best chance at full compensation. We want you and your family to focus on recovery while we fight for you!

Evidence in a Train Accident Case

The aftermath of a train accident is typically chaotic leaves victims disoriented and traumatized. This can make it very difficult to remember what happened. It can also be extremely difficult to gather and preserve evidence relating to the event. The government often becomes involved and performs an investigation, which may take weeks or months to complete.

Jurisdiction in Nevada

Generally, the federal government has jurisdiction over any Nevada train crashes. There are some situations in which the state of Nevada would govern legal proceedings. Depending on whose jurisdiction it is, the process can be very different.

Compensation for Train Accidents

There can be several challenges in recovering compensation. From dealing with insurance company representatives to defense attorneys, there can be a lot of powerful groups working against an injured party.

Seeking out compensation after being injured or losing a loved one in a train accident, can be a painful and frustrating experience. One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of getting the financial help you deserve is to seek out a knowledgeable and motivated train accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Having an attorney on your side that understands the nuanced laws and proceedings that pertain to train accidents is crucial to your case. Here at Harris and Harris Injury Attorneys, our train accident attorneys aren’t afraid to stand up to big companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to stand up and fight for our clients when they need us the most.

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