From our offices in Hurricane Utah Harris Lawyers PC offers honest, competent and professional legal services aimed at meeting our clients’ varied personal and business needs. We provide sophisticated and personalized representation for clients throughout Washington County, Iron County, Beaver County and Kane County, Utah and throughout Utah in the following legal areas:

Elder Law: One of the difficulties that often follows the death of a loved one is dealing with the deceased person’s property and getting it transferred to heirs or devisees. Often the property has to go through a legal proceeding called a probate which prolongs the process and increases the expense. We can help avoid the probate process through estate planning utilizing trusts and other methods. We will create your estate plan by utilizing living trusts, wills, health care directives, powers of attorney for asset management, gifting programs, business succession planning, and sophisticated estate tax planning techniques to develop orderly and cost-efficient estate planning. We advise on issues relating to disability planning and recognize the special needs of senior citizens. We work with family members or others interested in guardianship and conservatorship matters and in trust enforcement. Unfortunately, your loved one may have suffered injury while in the care of a nursing home or residential care facility. We can assist you in determining if the care provider is at fault.

Probate and Trusts: If a relative or loved one has died owning property, either with a will or without a will, that property may have to go through a court probate proceeding before the ownership can be transferred to heirs or devisees. We can assist you in this type of matter. On occasion a dispute may arise concerning the validity of a testamentary document. We can assist you in this type of proceeding. We provide probate and estate administration services related to probate and trust estates in Utah for residents of Utah as well as out-of-state clients with a family member who has died in Utah. We represent heirs and other interested parties in will contests involving alleged coercion or duress, mental or physical incapacity, and other factors that jeopardize the validity of a will and we will petition the court regarding similar claims in trust matters. We handle probate litigation, including actions to determine validity of trust and will amendments and allegations of trust mismanagement and claims to obtain trust accountings and distributions from trusts. We will assist fiduciaries and trustees in the administration of trusts.

Civil Litigation: Our firm takes great pride in handling all areas of civil trial practice litigation including Real Estate Litigation and Business Litigation and alternative dispute resolution in the Utah and Federal Courts at the trial court level and appeals. If you have been wronged or if you have been sued, it is important to retain an attorney who is aggressive and experienced in civil litigation. Because we are a small firm we deal with you on a personal level and we are available to answer all of your questions promptly.

Bankruptcy: When you have done all that you can do when faced with financial difficulties we can help relieve your financial pressures by representing you in either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in the United States Bankruptcy Court. Often you can eliminate most of your unsecured debt and retain most if not all of your assets. We also advise creditors concerning their rights in bankruptcy proceedings. Visit our companion Bankruptcy Website.

Business and Real Estate Law

Business Law: Consultation about business issues and preparation of business documents, including: corporate minutes and resolutions, officer and director rights and responsibilities, personnel policies and practices, contract negotiation and preparation, expansion and sale of businesses and business assets and regulatory compliance.

Business Formation: If you are interested in starting a new business, purchasing an existing business or selling a business or any other kind of business transaction, we can assist you to organize the business, whether it is a corporation, general and limited partnership, limited liability company, professional corporation, joint venture and strategic partnering relationship, sole proprietorship or other entity. We explain the legal implications of your choice of entity and prepare any necessary contracts concerning your business transactions.

Real Estate Law: When your house becomes a worry and not a haven, it is important to consult an attorney. Or if you are a construction contractor faced with an owner’s complaints our experience allows us to offer advice and counsel to avoid litigation. However, when litigation is necessary our office stands ready to zealously represent you in all construction matters. We offer a wide range of legal services to clients in real estate and related industries, including commercial real estate purchases and sales, leasing, land development deals, property management issues, homeowner association disputes, joint venture structuring and partnerships, title disputes, real estate litigation, foreclosures, and evictions.

Landlord Tenant, Land Use, Zoning: We can advise you in your commercial real estate matters and real property subdivision and development matters CCR and homeowner association issues. Your real estate transactions should be reviewed by an attorney to anticipate and prevent problems before they occur. Boundary disputes, adverse claims, water rights, quiet title actions are among the types of real estate matters we have handled. We also represent landlords and selected tenants in disputes they may have.

Personal Injury: If you have been injured in an auto accident, bitten by a dog, slip and fall, or suffer any other injury that you feel is caused by someone’s negligence you may be entitled to compensation for your injury and suffering. You should contact our office immediately to assist you in preserving evidence and protecting your rights. Insurance companies will retain an attorney to protect their interest and you should do the same whenever you have a personal injury claim. We vigorously pursue all kinds of injury claims and would be happy to consult with you in regard to those matters. We will analyze your claim, collect medical and employment records, consult with experts, represent your interests in settlement negotiation, litigate to verdict if necessary usually on a contingent fee basis.

Criminal Defense: When faced with a criminal charge of any kind, it is important to retain an attorney who has experience in the criminal justice system. We can help you, a family member, or a friend who needs representation in matters of this kind. We aggressively defend Felony, Misdemeanor and Infraction offenses in Federal Court, Utah State District Courts, and County or Municipal Justice Courts. We will also represent you in drivers license revocation or suspensions proceedings initiated by the Utah Drivers License Division.

Family Law and Divorce: We are aware of the emotional issues that enter in to contested or uncontested divorce. We will be your advocate and counselor and vigorously represent your interests. We will also represent you in custody, child support and divorce modification matters. We are well acquainted with the legal issues surrounding adoption including step-parent adoption, termination of parental rights, private adoption and interstate adoption. We will counsel and advise you concerning divorce property and debt allocation, child visitation rights, paternity, modifications, orders to show cause, and spouse or child abuse.

At Harris Lawyers PC, we value the relationship created with our clients. We can handle all your legal issues, from the simple to complex. Contact our office for an initial consultation with an attorney.