Accidents in Casinos Attorney

Las Vegas never closes so there is ample opportunity for problems on a property to grow into safety hazards. Accidents in Casinos are common so property owners must be ever vigilant for conditions that could result in an injury to a patron, such as:

  • Slippery floors where a patron could slip and fall
  • Frayed or torn carpet where someone could trip and fall
  • Stairways with missing or poorly attached handrails
  • Elevators that fail to stop at the level of the floor
  • Escalators with too much space between the moving and nonmoving parts, allowing clothing or toes to get caught

Who is Responsible for Accidents in Casinos?

Casinos are high-security buildings. With bouncers in bars and nightclubs, undercover security on the casino floor and cameras throughout the building, patrons have every reason to expect that they will be safe from mishap when they enter casino property. And yet every year tourists and casino-goers suffer avoidable injury from security failures.

What Should You Do if You have been Involved in an Accident at a Casino?

The Nevada premises liability and personal injury attorneys at Harris & Harris Lawyers have a long record of success recovering money for people who were seriously injured on dangerous properties. If you have a question about whether you or a loved one has been involved in a Las Vegas casino accident injury or how it could have been avoided by responsible casino management, talk with a lawyer and get a professional opinion.

Contact Harris & Harris Lawyers online or call (702) 384-1414 or toll free 1800 393-2350. Your consultation is free.

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