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Types of Torts

A “tort” is the legal term for a wide range of wrongful actions that inflict a loss or harm to a victim. Torts form the basis for tort law. When part of civil litigation, tort law is designed to help victims obtain damages (compensation) for their losses rather than prove criminal liability. Understanding the types of torts can help you recognize when you can file a civil lawsuit.  What is a Tort Case? A tort may be...
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Nevada Trucking Regulations

Truck drivers in Nevada are bound by numerous state and federal laws that dictate the ways in which they are to operate their large and potentially dangerous vehicles. These regulations seek to ensure safety for all motorists by controlling the conduct of both truckers and truck companies. Nevada Trucking Laws For truck drivers that operate intrastate or within the state’s boundaries, the Nevada Department of Transportation’s laws apply. The state’s key regulations are:  Trucks cannot exceed 14...
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Nevada Moped Laws

Mopeds are a fun way to get around in Nevada, but there are laws that govern their use. Those who already own a moped or are planning on purchasing one should be aware of the following.  How Nevada Defines a Moped The definition of a moped, according to Nevada law (NRS 482.069), is a scooter that looks and handles like a bicycle and is propelled by a small engine.  The engine produces not more than 2 gross...
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Las Vegas Crosswalk Laws

In the state of Nevada, 601 pedestrians were killed between 2008 and 2017. The overwhelming majority of these fatalities took place in Clark County, where Las Vegas is situated. Many pedestrian accidents are caused by driver error or negligence and a disregard for right of way laws. To help you avoid serious pedestrian accidents and injuries, it is essential to understand Las Vegas crosswalk laws. Las Vegas Crosswalks Crosswalks exist at just about any intersection in Las...
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How to Report a Drunk Driver in Las Vegas

If you believe a driver on the road is drunk, it’s best to report it to prevent a possible accident. The fastest and easiest way to report a drunk driver in Las Vegas is by calling 911 or *NHP (star 647) with your cell phone. You are allowed to use your cell phone while driving if you are informing the police about a drunk driver. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent people are killed each year in preventable drunk...
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