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Are Pit Bulls Allowed in Nevada?

Many states allow local governments to pass laws that ban pit bulls and other “dangerous” dog breeds within their borders, but not Nevada. In 2013, Nevada was the 14th state to prohibit breed-specific legislation by local governments. That being said, under Nevada’s dog bite laws, a specific dog can still be forcibly euthanized if the animal is considered dangerous or vicious.  Nevada Dangerous Dog Law Under the statute NRS 202.500, the state considers a dog “dangerous” if: ...
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Las Vegas Leash Laws

Nevada is a dog-friendly state, but dog bites or attacks are a prevalent issue. Often, when a personal injury case involves a dog bite, there are several questions about liability. When determining which parties are liable in a dog bite case, the particulars of each individual case must be considered as well as the leash laws in their area. Las Vegas leash laws are essential to know—for your protection and the city's overall safety.  Leash Law Basics...
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Nevada Damage Caps

After an accident in Nevada, you may have the right to pursue damages from the person or party responsible. Damages is the legal term for financial compensation awarded for personal injury claims. Some states, including Nevada, impose caps or limits on the amount of damages you can recover. Understanding how a damage cap can potentially limit your compensation can give you a better estimate of your claim’s value. What Are Nevada’s Damage Caps? Fortunately, Nevada does not...
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Nevada Jaywalking Law

It is illegal to jaywalk in Nevada. If someone wants to cross the street, they must go to a designated crosswalk. Nevertheless, jaywalking is a serious problem, especially in Las Vegas.  Jaywalking Law Defined Nevada Revised Statutes 484B.287 prohibits jaywalking by stating that pedestrians must cross a highway at a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection when they have access to one. Some areas leave few options for pedestrians other than crossing when...
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Nevada Diminished Value Claims

If you were involved in a minor car accident in Nevada, your insurance policy might reimburse you for the damage, but the value of your vehicle can still diminish. Even when a car is restored to its original condition, an accident can still put a dent in its resale value. Fortunately, insurance companies in Nevada permit diminished value claims.  What is a Diminished Value Claim? Diminished value is defined as the loss of a vehicle’s value after...
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