Injured In A Car Driven By Your Friend?

Were you injured in a car collision when you were not the driver? You have rights to collect compensation from the responsible driver.

What if you were in a car when a loved one or friend was driving?

You may not want to seek compensation from that driver, but you might if the insurance company is paying out.

Every case is unique and it’s best to consult with a Las Vegas car accident attorney to discuss what your options are. Learn the details of passenger compensation and understand how to navigate this complex field of law below.

Basics of Passenger Rights in Nevada

The state of Nevada has a law called “comparative negligence.” This means that the amount of fault that is placed on the injured party affects how much compensation that party can receive.

For example, if a car was struck by a driver who ran the red light, you would think that driver should pay for all damages and medical fees for the other driver.

However, if the other driver was somehow shown to be partially at fault, such as having broken headlights, texting while driving, or being intoxicated behind the wheel, this may be taken into consideration for how much compensation the injured party receives.

Passengers, however, cannot be at fault. This means that no matter what the court decides based on which driver was at fault, the passenger is never at risk for losing the right to compensation. This is true even if the driver of the car in which the passenger was traveling during the accident is determined to be completely at fault. The passenger can sue the insurance companies of either, or both, driver for a variety of compensatory damages.

Common Injuries for Passengers in Accidents

Though car collisions are somewhat common, their consequences can be quite severe. Common injuries that occur from car collisions include:

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover?

Depending on the details of the collision, there are many different forms of compensation a passenger may seek, such as:

  • Medical expenses – This includes prescription costs, surgery fees, etc.
  • Physical therapy costs
  • Future medical expenses – Since there is a limited time to take legal action, sometimes the injured party must estimate future medical costs associated with the injuries.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages – To cover the money you weren’t able to earn during recovery
  • Lost earning potential – If your injuries affect your ability to work, you may be able to seek compensation for the lost wages.
  • Job training fees – If you aren’t able to go back to your normal job, it may be possible to seek compensation for the cost of job training for a new career

Because compensation varies depending on myriad factors, make sure to reach out to an attorney to learn more. If a loved one was killed in a car accident, speak to a qualified Las Vegas wrongful death attorney to learn more about a claim in Nevada.

What if the Driver was Your Friend?

You’ve been in a collision while in the passenger seat of your friend’s car. You don’t want to sue your friend or get him or her in any trouble, but you need to pay for your medical expenses. Another driver was involved, but that driver says it was your friend’s fault.

Car collision claims that involve more than one driver can get very complicated very quickly with each insurance company doing its best to minimize the seriousness of their client’s involvement.

The best idea here is to get an experienced attorney. Personal injury law is very complicated and adding in the caveat that you don’t want to take any actions that would hurt your friend is an added layer of complexity. It may be possible to get all your expenses covered by the other driver, especially if the court determines the responsibility of the accident is completely on their shoulders. Since Nevada is a comparative state law, it is likely that each driver will be found somewhat at fault.

Your friend may not want you to call the police or report the collision. This may be because he or she doesn’t want their insurance rates to go up, or potentially because the driver doesn’t actually have any insurance. If the driver claims they will cover your medical costs but doesn’t have insurance, it’s possible that they won’t have the funds to cover the medical costs or will change his or her mind later. It’s very important you speak to a knowledgeable lawyer who can guide you through this complex situation so you get the compensation you need while limiting the strain put on your relationship.

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