Property Liability

Stairs Accidents In Las Vegas

Each year, stairway related accidents amount to thousands of dollars in damages. These injuries can be caused by broken or faulty stairs, hand rails or uneven surfaces. But who is to blame if you injure yourself on a stairway in Las Vegas? A slip and fall accident becomes a personal injury case when the business fails to keep their property safe. Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers are here to fight for what you deserve. What is the...
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Premises Liability and Determining Fault For Injuries

Premises Liability states that a property or premises owner or manager is responsible for any injuries that occur on that property due to a dangerous condition of that property. This means that if a hardware store leaves a puddle of oil on their concrete floor with no sign and a person slips and breaks his hip, the hardware store may be liable for any and all costs associated with that slip & fall injury. If you or...
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Hoverboard Explosions

Hoverboards have become a very popular gift for children and adults alike. Videos of people falling off them have provided some sadistic entertainment and alerted watchers to the dangers of attempting to use the devices without practice. Another very serious danger with hoverboards is that they are prone to catching fire or exploding, even when not in use. Injuries occurring from exploding hoverboards can alter your life in many different ways. Make sure to speak to a...
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