Las Vegas Car Accident Statistics

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro / LVMPD) released their car accident statistics for the year so far.  The numbers include January 1, 2014 through February 4, 2014.  There were 8.37% fewer collisions this year than there were during this same time period last year.  Metro also reports that there have been fewer DUI arrests during this same time period.  Showing just how dangerous it can be to ride a motorcycle in Las Vegas, LVMPD reports that 50% of the fatalities in its jurisdiction involved a motorcycle.  Overall, there were 929 traffic accidents during the reporting period.

Top Intersections with Injury Collisions

  1. Charleston @ Lamb for a total of 20 injuries
  2. Tropicana @ Pecos with 11 injury accidents
  3. Rainbow @ Tropicana had 11 injury accidents
  4. Decatur @ Tropicana experienced 10 injury vehicle accidents
  5. Sahara @ Rainbow rounded out the list with 10 injury accidents

Causal Factors of the Fatal Accidents

Metro investigates all traffic accidents that result in a fatality.  The investigators will determine the causal factor of the accident and include that in the police report.  Of the accidents that resulted in a fatality, 25% are pending investigation, 25% excessive speed, 25% disregarded a control device (such as a stop sign or red light), 13% failed to maintain lane, and 12% failed to yield the right of way.

Avoid Dangerous Driving with the 3 P’s of Driver Safety

At Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys want to help everyone arrive safely at their destination.  Review the list of safe driving tips below and please share this information with any teen drivers, elderly drivers, or anyone that you think might benefit from this advice.

Plan Ahead

  • Set your car navigation before you start driving
  • Send texts before you leave for your destination
  • Have your handsfree devices and bluetooth paired and ready to go
  • Know where you’re going

Be Patient

  • Obey the speed limit
  • Drive responsibly
  • Allow for rush hour slow downs

Pay Attention

  • Reading a text can distract you for longer than you realize
  • You are responsible if you cause an injury or death