SpeedVegas Crash – Is SpeedVegas Safe?

Adrenaline junkies across the globe are constantly seeking that next big thrill – savvy entrepreneurs are just as quick to capitalize on this quest and a recent example is SpeedVegas, a race track made to let the everyday American experience the thrills of NASCAR. A recent crash at the facility prompted a shutdown, and experts across the country are worried about the safety of the operation.

What is SpeedVegas?

SpeedVegas is an outdoor racing track that gives the general public the chance to drive extremely fast exotic cards at high speeds. Customers can drive Ferraris and Lamborgini’s, among many others, and speeds of up to 160mph have been recorded.

The SpeedVegas Accident

On February 12, 2017, two men were killed during a single vehicle crash on the SpeedVegas racetrack. The two were driving in a white Lamorghini when the vehicle spun out, hit a barrier wall and burst into flames. The track was shut down for about 12 days while the safety procedures, the track, and the accident were reviewed.

The Fallout

Since the crash, industry experts and racing professionals across the country have spoken out about alleged safety issues at the track. Below are some of the concerns that have been raised:

  • The Track – Sources disagree on whether SpeedVegas’ track is safe for various reasons including two hard turns at the end of a half-mile straightaway and inadequate barriers and “run-off” zones around the track
  • The Car – The history of the vehicle in the accident and presence of aftermarket parts has some experts concerned about the safety of the customers who have little to no experience driving at high speeds
  • The Culture – Some critics say SpeedVegas’ leadership and instructors have instilled a culture with too high an emphasis on speed
  • The Emergency Response – The company claims it takes only 14 seconds for an emergency response vehicle to respond to a track accident, but allegations have surfaced that it may have taken three minutes to get to the scene
  • A Lack of Regulation – None of the elements of the operation are overseen by any local, state or federal regulators

Commercial Enterprises Have a Responsibility to Ensure Safety!

If a company is acting negligently and someone is hurt, that company should and will be deemed liable for the person’s injuries…. but only if you call a qualified Nevada car accident attorney! Whether you are in a car accident caused by another driver, or you suspect the accident was caused by a defective part or unsafe roadway (which could prove to be the case at SpeedVegas) our experienced car accident attorney in Las Vegas is here to help. Call today for a free consultation.

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