What is a Sixth-Degree Burn?

Sixth-degree burns are usually diagnosed at the time of autopsy. In these burns, even the bone is charred. It is nearly impossible for humans to suffer one and live. Death is almost inevitable unless, for instance, a limb was affected and the rest of the body was protected from the heat source. In those cases, amputation of the affected part may give the person a chance to survive a sixth-degree burn.

What is a Sixth-Degree Burn?


In sixth-degree burns, the surrounding skin will appear white or black, and everything up to the bone is burnt. This means all layers of skin, muscle ligaments, tendons, and the bone are damaged. Due to the destruction of the nerves, the victim may not feel pain but will go into shock.

Should I Hire an Attorney for my Sixth-Degree Burns?

If you suffered a sixth-degree burn or lost a loved one due to another person or company’s negligence, you have the right to sue. While you focus on a long recovery, a Las Vegas burn injury attorney can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim. They will take over investigating the accident and collecting evidence of the at-fault party’s liability to ensure they are held accountable. That can include:

  • Gathering accident scene photos and videos, fire department, and police reports.
  • Obtaining copies of medical records, including reports on emergency treatment, hospital care, surgeries, etc.
  • Having a medical expert evaluate your case and testify to the extent of your injuries and the future care you will require.
  • Consulting an expert in safety inspection or accident reconstruction to determine and testify to the cause of the accident.

A sixth-degree burn injury is incredibly catastrophic and may require a lifetime of care and an extensive loss of quality of life and income. Having an attorney fight for you will ensure you are fairly compensated.

Common Causes of Sixth-Degree Burns

Any accident involving prolonged exposure to heat, toxic chemicals, or high levels of voltage has the potential to cause a sixth-degree burn. The CDC estimates that 47 percent of residential burn injury deaths occur in homes that do not have smoke alarms. The majority of residential fires occur in the winter months and are often caused by cooking and open heat sources such as candles and fireplaces. Additionally, it is estimated that roughly 40 percent of residential burn injury deaths are related to alcohol consumption.


Although these are almost impossible to survive, the only treatment for survivors is amputation. The standard procedures for stabilizing and treating severe burns will not be effective. Recovery after amputation is long and can last years. In addition, there may be varying degrees of burns to other parts of the victim’s body, which may require skin graft surgeries and extensive treatment.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

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