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Driving in Nevada can be dangerous, especially in cities like Las Vegas.  According to the Nevada Department of Public Safety, between 2012 and 2016, 540 fatal accidents occurred while another 1688 accidents resulting in serious injury occurred.  In response, Nevada is working on the Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) in an attempt to eliminate automobile fatalities.

Car accidents are often described as unavoidable accidents, but the truth is that the majority of auto accidents are avoidable.  While we cannot stop other people from driving irresponsibly, we can drive defensively which will usually be enough to avoid an accident.  Nevada’s Office of Traffic Safety has a few important tips to consider before getting in a vehicle. They recommend before setting foot in a vehicle, each driver asks themselves if they are too tired to drive, whether they are going to be distracted, are they too angry or upset to drive, and are they under the influence of drugs or alcohol?  While these are all good questions to ask before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, most of us have places we have to be and our car is usually what gets us there. We have compiled a list of steps that each driver can take to keep themselves safe as well as the drivers around them.

Buckle Up

In 1999 it was estimated that almost 10,000 people died unnecessarily as a result of not wearing a seatbelt.  Seatbelts are a simple precaution that can save your life so don’t hesitate and buckle up!

Drive Defensively

While you cannot always depend on drivers around you to be responsible, you can always be attentive to the drivers around you to ensure your safety.  While an accident is usually caused by one driver, there are a lot of situations in which the victim of the accident could have avoided the accident by driving defensively.

Watch Out For Red Light Runners

Every year serious accidents occur as a result of a driver running through a red light.  While we have rules in place to keep us safe, sometimes it pays off to be extra cautious.  When a light turns green, taking the extra few seconds to take a look in either direction could save your life.  

Reduce In Car Distractions

In-car distractions could be anything from passengers, cell phone use or eating while driving.  With technological advances, cars have become more and more comfortable to be in. Unfortunately, that comfort has led to people forgetting how dangerous it is to drive at high speeds in a car.  While driving at high speeds, it is important to remember that getting distracted for a split second can lead to a life-threatening accident.

Keep Your Distance

Tailgating is one of the most common causes of accidents.  It’s hard to make it through a day of driving in traffic without witnessing the aftermath of an accident caused by tailgating.  As a safety precaution for you and the drivers around you, always leave a good cushion between you and the car in front of you. Leaving as much as a three second cushion between you and the driver in front of you will give you adequate time to hit the brakes if needed.  Remember, tailgating does not actually get you to your destination any faster, it will only put you and other drivers in harm’s way.

Stay Attentive

If you make the assumption each day as you get in the car that other drivers are not going to be paying attention while driving, you will drive with the proper defensive attentiveness to avoid potential accidents.  Every time you get in the car, your goal should be to be one of the drivers preventing accidents from happening.

Car Maintenance

Keeping your car maintained can help to keep you out of an accident.  Avoiding unnecessary stalls on the road can be the difference between getting in an accident or not.  The same goes for maintaining your vehicle’s tires and brakes. The failure to do so can result in having to pull over on a busy street or freeway which can be extremely dangerous.  Car Maintenance is a quick process these days and will often improve your car’s longevity.


Car Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

Every time you get in your car it is important to remember that fellow drivers on the road will not be looking out for you.  It is fair to assume that it is your job to drive with the attentiveness necessary to avoid incompetent drivers around you. The failure to do so could lead to your involvement in a horrific accident.  Collectively, if we all drive defensively, we can dramatically reduce the number of fatal and serious accidents. If you have been in an unfortunate accident you should consult with a car accident attorney in Las Vegas. We offer free consultations. Call us now at (702) 384-1414.

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