Henderson Personal Injury Lawyer

If you sustained an injury in a recent accident in Henderson, Nevada, contact Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers to speak to a compassionate Henderson personal injury attorney about your legal rights and options. We have been helping injured victims throughout Nevada for more than 20 years. Our lawyers can help you pursue justice, recovery and financial compensation after a life-changing injury.

Why Clients Trust Our Henderson Injury Attorneys

  • Our personal injury lawyers in Henderson have been standing up for the rights of injured accident victims for over 20 years. We have an outstanding reputation in the community.
  • We care about our clients and treat them as we would our own family members. We will work closely with you to pursue your unique goals.
  • Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers operates on a contingency fee basis to make legal representation affordable. This means no upfront fees and no fees at all if we don’t win your case.

How a Henderson Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

If you try to handle your accident claim alone, you may not end up with the financial compensation you need for a lifetime of medical care and recovery. Insurance companies do not want to maximize their clients’ payouts. If you hire an injury attorney in Henderson, on the other hand, you can rest assured the settlement being offered is fair.

Hiring a lawyer also allows you to concentrate on healing from your injuries instead of complex legal processes, such as negotiating with an insurance company or going to court. Your personal injury lawyer will handle matters such as investigating your accident, collecting evidence and hiring experts to testify on your behalf.

How Do You Know If You Have a Personal Injury Case?

Not every accident or injury will give you grounds to bring a claim against another party for financial damages. For your claim to be valid and successful, you or your Henderson personal injury attorney must prove negligence. Negligence describes the failure to use an appropriate level of care, resulting in injury or harm to another person.

Proving negligence in a personal injury case requires evidence of four elements:

  1. There was a duty of care, or an obligation to take certain steps to prevent injuries.
  2. The defendant breached the duty of care through a careless or reckless act or omission.
  3. The plaintiff suffered actual injuries or losses.
  4. The defendant’s breach of duty was the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

A Henderson personal injury lawyer from Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers will listen to your story, answer your legal questions and let you know if your case has merit. Then, we can explain what your particular case will need for a successful settlement or jury verdict.

Types of Cases We Accept in Henderson, NV

At Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, we are committed to advocating for the rights of victims injured in many different types of accidents. Our lawyers have more than 20 years of experience exclusively practicing personal injury law. We can help you rebuild your life if you suffered any kind of injury.

Our personal injury lawyers in Henderson, Nevada accept many types of cases, including:

Our Henderson personal injury lawyers will do everything possible to secure you the results you need to move forward after an accident that gives you or a loved one a serious injury. Find out if we can accept your case during a free consultation.

Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Henderson, Nevada Today

It is important to speak to an attorney right away after you suffer an injury in any type of accident in Henderson, Nevada. Our personal injury attorneys can immediately get to work on investigating your accident and protecting your legal rights, allowing you to focus on recuperating.

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