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A car accident can instantly turn your life upside down. You may find yourself suffering from severe injuries and unable to earn an income. An experienced Carson City car accident lawyer can help you secure the maximum compensation you deserve. Contact Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers online or call (702) 384-1414 for your free consultation today.

Carson City Car Accident Attorney

How Can a Carson City Car Accident Lawyer Help?

The steps you take after a car accident can significantly impact your claim and financial future. A Carson City car accident attorney will protect your rights and interests. They are prepared to:

  • Investigate your accident to uncover evidence that supports your claim.
  • Work with experts to determine how your accident occurred and what caused it.
  • Identify potentially liable parties.
  • Negotiate with the insurance companies to efficiently settle your claim and pursue the full and fair compensation you are entitled to.
  • Prepare your case for trial, if necessary, and advocate on your behalf for a favorable verdict.

Having a skilled car accident attorney represent you will give you the best chance at securing the maximum compensation you need. Learn more by getting in touch with the Carson City auto accident attorneys at Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers.

Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Case

If the negligent actions of another driver cause a preventable car accident, you have the right as an injured victim to pursue “damages.” Damages is a legal term for monetary compensation awarded for the physical, financial, or emotional losses a victim endures as a result of an accident. The types of damages you are entitled to include:

Medical Expenses

Money to cover any medical costs related to your accident injuries:

  • Emergency care, doctor visits, and any other medical bills
  • Future medical care
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Costs of living with a disability, such as in-home care

Loss of Income

The injuries suffered in a car accident can be severe and alter the rest of your life. You may be forced to take time off of work or impact your ability to work at all. In these cases, you can pursue compensation for your lost income and the loss of future earning capacity.

Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering damages can be recovered if your injuries cause undue physical pain and/or emotional distress. Compensation for pain and suffering is also known as non-economic damages because they are incalculable losses. They are subjectively awarded a monetary value.

Loss of Consortium

A serious car accident can affect a victim’s ability to maintain a relationship with their spouse, physically and emotionally. In these instances, the victim’s spouse can pursue damages for loss of consortium or loss of companionship.

How Much Will an Accident Lawyer Cost in Carson City?

Carson City car accident lawyers typically don’t charge any upfront fees and instead take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means your attorney advances all costs associated with the case, and they only get paid if you win. Your attorney’s legal fees will be a percentage of your awarded amount in your settlement or verdict.

A contingency fee percentage is typically between 33 to 40 percent of your recovered compensation, plus case costs and expenses. Some Carson City personal injury lawyers may reduce or increase their fees based on the amount of work involved in your case. For example, an attorney may take 33 percent of your compensation if your case settles early on outside of court, or 40 percent if they must first file a lawsuit before your case settles or must represent you during a trial. Before signing a contingency fee agreement, discuss the terms with your car accident lawyer, so you understand precisely how much you will owe.

How Long Will My Case Take?

There is, unfortunately, no exact answer to how long your car accident case will take because there are various factors that can speed up or delay the process. The best-case scenario is 30 days since insurance companies in Nevada are required to accept or deny a claim within that time. Insurers can, however, notify you within that period if they need more time to investigate, but they are not allowed to unfairly delay settlement or negotiations. On the other hand, if the insurer accepts your car accident claim, they have another 30 days to pay after acceptance or will owe interest if the deadline passes.

Some claims are complex and can take significantly longer if they involve severe injuries, multiple liable parties, or if liability is disputed. In Nevada, any party that contributed to a car accident can be accountable. Because of that, an insurance company must first decide fault before settling a claim and may try to blame you. If that is the case, you and your attorney may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover the compensation you deserve. If your injuries are severe, an attorney will typically advise you on waiting to settle your claim until you fully recover or reach the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI). Doing so will give you the best idea of how much compensation you will need in the future.

An experienced Carson City car accident attorney can evaluate your unique claim then give you an idea of how long it might take for you to receive payment.

How Do I File a Carson City Auto Accident Claim?

As soon as possible after a car accident, contact your auto insurance company to report the crash. They can advise you on your policy’s coverage and how to go about filing your claim. Since Nevada is a “fault” state, the driver who caused the accident is responsible for any resulting damage or losses. This means you have the option of filing a claim with your own insurer if you have collision coverage or filing a third-party claim directly with the at-fault party’s insurance company. However, you can’t rely on the at-fault driver reporting the accident to their insurer; that will be up to you.

This process can be stressful. A car accident lawyer in Carson City can handle every aspect of your claim for you, including speaking to the necessary insurance companies on your behalf.

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