Boulder City Car Accident Attorney

A car crash is a traumatic event for all involved, and in some cases, a full recovery may not feel possible. If you were a victim of an auto accident, please contact Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers to discuss what is possible. Our Boulder City car accident attorneys can’t reverse what happened to you, but we can help you and your family recover financial compensation to help restore your lives.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Boulder City Can Help

You are already dealing with enough emotional and financial stress as the victim of a car accident without also taking on the complicated legal process. If your car accident caused serious injuries or involves a challenge such as a liability dispute, it is imperative to involve an accident attorney in Boulder City.

A car accident lawyer will know exactly what your case needs to succeed. Your lawyer will have knowledge and experience that is invaluable to your case. Getting the results you deserve can allow you to pay for ongoing medical care and other losses related to your car accident. It can also give you the ability to fully concentrate on your recovery.

Is Nevada a Fault or No-Fault State?

Nevada is a fault state. This means all drivers involved in the crash will seek financial compensation from the auto insurance provider of the at-fault party. Before you file an insurance claim, therefore, you or your personal injury attorney in Boulder City will need to determine fault for the car accident.

Determining fault may take revisiting the scene of the car crash, talking to eyewitnesses, reviewing evidence and hiring qualified experts. Once your lawyer identifies the defendant, he or she will seek maximum financial compensation for you through that party’s insurance carrier.

Three Common Causes of Boulder City, Nevada Car Accidents

Vehicles are dangerous weapons that can cause catastrophic to fatal injuries. Unfortunately, car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents occur frequently in Boulder City, Nevada due to preventable mistakes by drivers, auto manufacturers and the government. Human error is the main cause of car accidents. The type of error that caused your car accident, however, can take many different forms.

Driver Error

Motor vehicle drivers have a responsibility to respect the safety of others. This means they must obey all roadway rules, pay attention to the road and remain in control of their vehicles. Common driver-related causes of auto accidents are traffic violations, broken laws, speeding, drunk driving, distracted driving, red-light running, reckless driving and drowsy driving.

Auto Part Defect

Design, manufacturing and marketing defects can lead to auto parts that are faulty and malfunction while in use. These defects can cause or contribute to car accidents, as well as increase the severity of victims’ injuries. Common examples include defective airbags, seat belts, brakes, tires, steering components, seatbacks and electrical systems.

Road Hazard

Roadway hazards and defects such as potholes, debris, loose gravel, uneven shoulders, missing guardrails, obscured road signs and broken traffic lights cause car accidents each year. It is the government’s legal responsibility to ensure the safety of its roads for drivers and other roadway users

If you do not know what caused your recent car accident, an attorney from Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers can return to the scene of the crash and investigate. Your lawyer will look for signs of fault or negligence, interview witnesses, hire experts, and gather evidence to help you build a case against the correct defendant.

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The aftermath of a car accident can be devastating in more ways than one. At Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers, personal injury law is all we do. We have the experience, resources and knowledge to help you pursue the results you deserve.

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