Boulder City Burn Injury Attorney

Burns are severely damaging soft-tissue injuries that can cause permanent scarring, disfigurement and disability. If you or a loved one is a burn injury survivor in Boulder City, Nevada, do not hesitate to contact a burn injury lawyer from Harris & Harris Injury Lawyers to request a free legal consultation.

Our lawyers are passionate about bringing irresponsible parties to justice. We can help you and your family fight for fair financial compensation.

How a Burn Injury Attorney in Boulder City, NV Can Help You

A burn injury case can be extremely difficult and expensive to build and litigate. These cases often require testimony from medical experts to prove the injuries. A successful case requires an understanding of both the legal and medical side of a burn injury.

A Boulder City burn injury attorney will have the knowledge and experience to professionally handle your case. A lawyer will have connections with qualified burn injury experts to testify on your behalf. Your lawyer will also make sure you have access to the medical care and treatment you need. You can concentrate on your medical treatments while an experienced injury attorney takes care of the entire legal process for you.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries will have different health consequences depending on the type and degree of the injury. Most often, burns require immediate medical intervention to prevent serious health complications, such as infections. The four types of burns based on the cause of the injury are thermal, electrical, chemical and radiation. Each type comes with a unique medical treatment for optimal healing.

There are also three types of burns based on injury severity:

  1. First-degree burn. A first-degree burn only affects the topmost layer of the skin. It does not cause blistering but can be painful and make the skin appear red.
  2. Second-degree burn. A second-degree burn affects the first and second layers of the skin (the epidermis and the dermis). It can cause some blistering and thickening of the skin, as well as long-term scars or skin discoloration.
  3. Third-degree burn. A third-degree burn is the most severe type. It can impact all layers of the skin, as well as deeper muscle tissues and bones. These burns can cause permanent damage, including nerve damage, severe disfigurement and medically required amputations.

Severe burn injuries can stem from contact with hot objects, steam or boiling water, flames, explosions, chemical spills, and sources of radiation such as the sun. It is important to see a doctor after any type of burn injury for professional medical care. Keep copies of your receipts and medical bills for future use.

Who Pays for a Burn Injury in Nevada?

In Nevada, a person or party may be financially responsible for another person’s burn injuries if he or she was negligent and caused the injury in question. Negligence is the failure to use an appropriate amount of care based on the circumstances. If a prudent party would not have committed the same action or omission, the defendant may be liable for the burn survivor’s losses.

Examples of defendants in burn injury cases in Boulder City, Nevada are:

  • A driver in a motor vehicle accident case.
  • A property owner for a fire or dangerous property defect.
  • A product manufacturer for an item that overheats, starts a fire or explodes.
  • An employer for a dangerous workplace.
  • A company for a dangerous premises.
  • The government for public property defects.
  • A utility company for an electrical issue.

A Boulder City burn injury lawyer can conduct an in-depth evaluation of your case to investigate the cause of your burn injuries. If one or more parties had the power to prevent your injuries but negligently failed to do so, you may be eligible for financial compensation.

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