Utah Criminal Defense Lawyer for St. George, Cedar City, Kanab and all of Utah

Harris Lawyers, PC can defend you against any criminal charge brought against you in the District Courts of Washington County, Iron, Beaver and Kane Counties or any other county in Utah. In fact, we often defend cases in the Justice Courts in Kanab, Cedar City, Hurricane, Ivins, Washington City, and Washington County. We defend criminal cases such as the following:

  • Assault And Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Expungement of Arrest. Investigation. Detention. or Conviction
  • Federal Crimes
  • Driver License Suspension or Revocation
  • DUI/Drunk Driving
  • Federal Criminal 
  • Protective Order Violation

Federal Criminal Defense in Washington, Iron, Kane, and Beaver County and throughout Utah

If you are charged with a crime that will be prosecuted in the federal courts, you need a lawyer who has handled those types of cases. Federal courts have different rules governing procedure and evidence, as well as different sentencing guidelines. You need an attorney who understands federal criminal law and procedure, one who has successfully protected the rights of defendants in the federal courts.

Stephen K Harris, Criminal Defense Attorney will bring years of knowledge and experience to your defense of federal criminal proceedings. We know how intimidating the criminal process can be, particularly if it’s your first exposure to the system. We take the time to carefully explain the law and procedures, as well as your options and likelihood of success. We have built our reputation by adhering to the highest standards of professional conduct in all dealings with clients and others.

We offer a free initial consultation to anyone facing federal criminal charges. To set up an appointment, contact our offices online or give our office a call today at 435.635.9814.

Our Federal Criminal Defense Practice

We aggressively defend people charged with any type of federal crime, including:

  • criminal conspiracy – entering into an agreement with another person to commit a federal offense
  • aiding and abetting – assisting another person in the commission of a federal crime
  • mail fraud – use of the mail services to defraud
  • wire fraud – the use of wire transfer, phone call, facsimile, text message, e-mail or any other electronic transmission to defraud a person or institution
  • bank  fraud – attempting to obtain a benefit from a bank, credit union or savings and loan through false representations
  • health care fraud – attempting to obtain a health care benefit under false pretenses
  • conspiracy to commit fraud – participating in a conspiracy to commit any of the types of fraud listed above
  • making false statements to the government – providing false information to a branch or agency of the government
  • identity theft – using the personal information of another person without authorization for personal gain
  • tax evasion – willful attempts to evade paying taxes
  • civil rights – acting “under color of law” to deprive a person on his or her constitutional rights
  • computer crimes – unauthorized access to a computer or computer information
  • sex offenses  -such as child pornography violations and crossing of state lines to engage in illegal sexual acts
  • immigration violations – wrongful entry or re-entry of foreign nationals
  • firearms offenses – principally violations involving wrongful possession of firearms
  • money laundering – participating in financial transactions designed to conceal criminal activity
  • federal narcotics – charges, including possession, sale and distribution or manufacture of controlled substances

As your legal counsel, we will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, to ensure that there was probable cause for any search or seizure and that all evidence was properly obtained, processed  and preserved. We will seek the exclusion of evidence and the dismissal of charges, if appropriate.

DUI/Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

We aggressively defend Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs in St. George, Ivins, Washington, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Touquerville, Springdale, Kanab, Cedar City, Beaver and throughout Utah.

Driving or being under actual physical control of a vehicle while under the influence (DUI) of Alcohol or Drugs in a public place (such as a highway, street, or parking lot) is an offense that has serious risks and consequences. Consuming a certain amount of alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive creating a risk to themselves and others. In Utah and all 50 states, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle if a person’s Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) reaches or exceeds .08 concentration. In Utah, you may also be considered under the influence despite your BAC if you have consumed any amount of alcohol or drugs and you are impaired in your ability to operate a vehicle safely. This means that there are two ways in which DUI is established:

Driver License Suspension or Revocation Attorney

In a case that involves an arrest for a Utah DUI, the defendant must also appear for a hearing before the Utah Driver’s License Division (“DLD”) or the license will be automatically suspended.

You only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request the hearing with the DLD.  If you fail to request a hearing within ten days your arrest for DUI will automatically result in a 120 day suspended license for a first time DUI offense and up to 2 years for subsequent DUI offenses occurring within 10 years.

Harris Lawyers PC will help you can help you get through this difficult time preserve your rights. We understand the hearing process and will help you keep your driving privileges if at all possible. If you have been arrested for DUI contact Harris Lawyers PC.  Preserve your rights.

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

We Defend Against Drug Charges in Washington, Iron, Kane, and Beaver County and throughout Utah.

Drug offenses include illegal cultivation, possession, distribution, and trafficking of narcotics and chemicals along with conspiracy to commit drug-related crimes. Beginning in1970, the U.S. federal government passed The Controlled Substances Act (CSA), a group of laws meant to classify controlled substances as well as regulate their manufacturing, importing, use and distribution.

Drug charges vary in range from possession of small amounts of illicit drugs to manufacturing and distributing drugs. Controlled substances are categorized under a federal law drug schedule. This helps the state determine how severe the drug crime is, in addition to considering the quantity of the drug and its purpose. There are five schedules, out of which schedule l and II drugs are considered the most likely to be abused. Some drugs under these categories are: heroin, ecstasy, opium and morphine. The most serious drug crimes are those that usually involve producing, manufacturing or selling drugs in schedules I and II. All schedule I drugs are considered illegal, while schedule II drugs are available only through a prescription, under medical supervision. Unlike some other states where some drug possession and use has been relaxed, the state of Utah has made changes to its drug laws enhancing the penalties for even the smallest of drug crimes. Call our office for prompt legal assistance.

Expungement of Arrest Investigation Detention or Conviction Attorney

Experienced Expungement Lawyer

When a person is arrested, investigated, detained or convicted of a criminal offense a permanent record is kept. This record will show up on background checks related to employment, home rentals, etc. In many cases, these records may be eligible for expungement, in which the criminal record is sealed or suppressed.

Assault And Battery Defense Attorney

Assault refers to the threat or intent to inflict physical harm on a person whereas battery refers to the actual physical act of inflicting harm. However, over time, both have come to mean the same thing and most states, when referring to assault and battery, define it as some form of physical harm or offensive contact

When injuries sustained from an assault and battery are perceived to be less, it is considered a simple assault and battery case, whereas injuries of a serious and severe nature, including those sustained from a deadly weapon, are considered aggravated assault. Assaults can be in the form of road rage, fights in restaurants, bars or clubs, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, and more. Sometimes, even people defending themselves are charged with assault.

Because laws of assault and battery developed out of common law, a person charged with assault and battery may face both criminal and civil charges. In addition to being fined, convicted or jailed, a person may have to pay restitution or compensatory damages to the victim as well.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic violence is a broad term that encompasses many kinds of abuse and mistreatment. Domestic violence occurs in a more intimate setting between family members or co-habitants, making it all the more painful to confront and press charges. Violence against women and child abuse are the most common reoccurring forms of domestic violence

Protective Orders

If you are in danger, call: 911 or call the Domestic Violence Hotline. They can help you find emergency housing, medical care, and support and advocacy for you and your children.  Call Toll-Free: 800-897-5465

To stop abusive behavior that occurs within a family or close relationship, one can get a Protective Order issued from a judge. This Protective Order would make it illegal for the abuser to come near the victim whether they are in a public place, at work or at home. A Protective Order can be issued for up to two years and may also include mandatory counseling, intervention programs, and paying spousal or child support. Protective Orders are available against spouses, former spouses, blood relatives, siblings, roommates, relatives by marriage, a person you have dated, someone you share a child with, and foster children.

The court will not dismiss the Final Protective Order in the first two years without your written and sworn approval.

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