Utah Litigation Law Firm –St George Civil Litigation Attorney

At Harris Lawyers PC  we represent both individuals and business in both Utah state courts and the United States District Courts.  Stephen K Harris a skilled litigation attorney for over 23 years in both Business Litigation and Real Estate Litigation cases in both Utah and California Courts.

Ethical and Aggressive Representation for Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Civil litigation is how we resolve our disputes, correct an injustice or seek compensation for a civil wrong committed against us. It is part of our democratic process and our right as a citizen. We use this process to seek justice for our cause in a court of law.

Most people find litigation a confusing, complicated and stressful process. At Harris Lawyers PC we strive to take the mystery out of the litigation process by keeping you informed from the beginning until the end of your case. Stephen K Harris litigation attorney will explain the law that applies to your case so that you understand your case and your prospects of success.

Controlling The Costs of Litigation

Litigation is costly and the expense of litigation is one of the most difficult issues to overcome.  Because it is very expensive, often costing tens of thousands of dollars, it is important to hire a law firm with a concern for costs. We are committed to handling your litigation matter in a cost effective manner. With years of litigation experience we have the experience to help you keep your litigation costs down. We know how to focus our effort to provide the best result for our clients. This awareness of costs does not mean we will not be an effective advocate for your case. If possible we will utilize mediation or arbitration or alternative forms of dispute resolution in an effort to achieve a favorable settlement early on to minimize the cost of a dispute.

Litigation Representation In All Courts

At Harris Lawyers PC we handle both real estate litigation and business litigation cases in all Utah courts including city and county Justice Courts, District Court, Federal District Court, Bankruptcy Court and Administrative Tribunals.


If you have already been to trial and you are not happy with the decision, you may have a right to an appeal. An appeal is a request to a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court. You may desire to appeal an adverse decision made against you or you may have won at trial and your opponent has appealed seeking to overturn the decision. We have experience with appeals on both sides of the decision. We will advise you of your options, the time involved, the likely costs and expenses and your chance of success. We defend or prosecute your appeal with all of the skill and expertise that we are known for.

If you have been sued, or need to enforce a civil matter against another who caused you injury and/or damages, or have need of a skilled appeals attorney contact us today by email or call Harris Lawyers PC at 435.635.9814 for an evaluation of your case.