Utah Business Transactions Lawyer

There are many types of transactions that will affect your business whether it is a starting-up, growing in size or profitability or preparing to dissolve. At Harris Lawyers PC we represent our business clients from formation throughout the life of the business. Stephen K Harris, Business Attorney, has the practical and legal experience to ensure that all business transactions protect the personal and business interests of our clients.

We advise and counsel our clients on the steps needed to best protect our client’s business interests. Harris Lawyers PC will help you understand your rights and obligations when entering into legal agreements and transactions. Contact Harris Lawyers PC to learn more about how we can benefit your business and protect your legal interests.

Contracts and Business Agreements in Utah

Utah business owners need to pay close attention to the details of every contract they enter into. Contracts often contain provisions concerning the law to be applied to the transaction, whether attorney’s fees and legal expenses are allowed in the event of a dispute, such as over the terms or performance of a contract, and even where a lawsuit can be filed. The agreement may even prevent the filing of a lawsuit and require arbitration as the only means to resolve disputes.  Before you or your business enters into any contractual agreement, we will draft or review and suggest changes to your contracts to better define and protect your business objectives. Contact Stephen K Harris Business Attorney at Harris Lawyers PC for a free consultation.

We are experienced in the following business transactions:

Business formation: We represent clients at the planning and beginning stages of their business to ensure that the business is properly formed. We will advise and discuss with you various entity options and the advantages and disadvantages of each entity type, including corporations, LLCs, partnerships, proprietorships, business trusts and other business types.

Contracts: We will help you understand your duties and obligations before entering into a contract. Stephen K Harris Business Lawyer has over 40 years of practical and legal experience negotiating, drafting, and reviewing commercial and employment contracts, purchase and sale agreements, and commercial real estate leases and contracts.

Shareholder and member agreements: Shareholder agreements and agreements between partners LLC members should be considered between the owners of the business. Agreements can be drafted which address, such unforeseen events such as divorce, death, incapacity or disability and criminal conduct of an owner.

Business documents: Every business should receive legal advice and counsel concerning every day business procedures. Each business is unique and the documents best suited to the operation of that business should also be unique. Harris Lawyers PC is experienced in developing the forms, employee handbooks, procedures and standards, and similar documents that are important to you and your business against tax, criminal, or civil liabilities.

Purchase and sale of a business: We have represented both buyers and sellers of businesses. We handle all aspects of corporate mergers, business acquisitions and sales, financing agreements and security interests and we will discuss with you the rights or obligations of the parties involved in a stock purchase or asset-only transaction.

Business dissolution: We will advise you when you are faced with a business dissolution or winding up of a business. We will counsel you as to your individual rights and obligations and assist you to protect your interests in a business dissolution.

Business bankruptcy: We can help you if a business is failing and advise you if the best alternative is to seek protection under the Bankruptcy Code by a Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. We will discuss your personal responsibilities and obligations as an owner or controlling person in winding up the affairs of the business.

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